In class audio assignment — in case you missed it

  • Divide in teams of two – interviewer, interviewee
  • Conduct an interview (5 min. max)
  • Topic: Why did you come to DSU?
  • Import video into Audacity
  • Edit down to a 1 minute audio story (each person needs to edit a separate file)
  • Export as mp3, file name: YourName.mp3
  • Email mp3 to

Out-of-class photo gallery assignment


Create a news photo gallery. You must come up with an interesting visual news topic for this gallery. It cannot be about yourself. Find an interesting person, function, event, etc.

  • Shoot photos with a digital camera. If you do not have a camera available, you can check one out.
  • Use Photoshop or another photo editing program to convert and size photos for the Web. (DPI 72, 800 pixels wide, color mode RGB). Note: some cameras will do this automatically.
  • Select no more than 25 photos to tell your photo story.
  • Order them in a way that makes sense to the story.
  • Write complete, grammatically correct captions for each photo.
  • Upload the photos to Google + photo
  • Create a gallery.
  • Email the link to your gallery to this email address.
  • This project is due by Oct. 15.

Email me with any questions or problems.

Have fun with it.

In-class photo gallery assignment

Class assignment:

Download these photos from a mission by a Delaware medical team to aid earthquake victims in Haiti. Edit the photos for the web, making sure they are no more than 700 pixels wide and are set to RGB, 72 dpi.

Create an album in Google Plus.  If you don’t have a gmail or google login, you will have to create one. Use the help button for questions on how to use this. Be sure to give the album a title and to write good cutlines for each photo.

Click the share link to email me a copy of your completed album at

Information about the photos:

A group of Delaware medical workers traveled to Jacmel, Haiti, a week after an earthquake devastated the island country on Jan. 12, 2010.  The magnitude 7 earthquake killed more than 300,000 people, left 300,000 injured and more than 1 million people homeless.

About 20 Delaware doctors and nurses were inspired by the devastation to organize a grass roots relief effort, secure donated medical supplies and raise money to pay for the trip.

The town of Jacmel’s only hospital, St. Michel, was destroyed by the quake. The medical team shooed pigs and goats out of a lot outside the damaged hospital and set up a field hospital and began doing surgery. The team, the first of several medical missions from Delaware, cared for hundreds of sick, injured and malnourished earthquake victims working 16 hour days over one week.

Blog assignment

blogging image

Part of the required work for Online Journalism is to create and maintain a blog, for the duration of the course. Your blog must have a specific, single focus (e.g., politics, education, environment, technology, sports, medicine, law, music) that will be maintained throughout the course. A minimum of two posts are required each week. (For grading purposes, the week begins at 12:01 a.m. Sunday and ends at midnight on Saturday.) A total of 26 posts are expected. Each blog post must link to and comment on at least one pertinent and recent Web page, Web site or specific blog post by another author. Blog posts need not be long, but they do need to say something — and be interesting!

Each post will be graded on content, mechanics, and the quality and relevance of the link(s). Your blog post will NOT be graded if it was posted within 24 hours of your previous blog post. Also each post should contain at least two tags or categories.

Part of the reason for this semester-long assignment is that writing on a regular schedule will make you a better writer.

Read the full assignment.

Choosing the right blog topic

Put some thought and research into choosing the correct blog topic for you.  Stay away from broad, undefined topics like relationships, life on campus, things that interest me.  Make sure there is enough discussion and information about your topic at your disposal, so you can share things you read on other websites.

Blogger Susan Gunelius, an internet marketing specialist, offers these useful guidelines.

  1. Choose a Topic You’re Passionate About
  2. Choose a Topic You Like to Discuss with Other People
  3. Choose a Topic You Don’t Mind Debating with Other People
  4. Choose a Topic You’re Not Overly Sensitive About
  5. Choose a Topic You Enjoy Researching