In-class Soundslide assignment

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 11.00.20 PM

Class assignment: Download  these photos and audio file and use Soundslides (already installed on you class Mac) to create an audio slideshow. Be sure to:

  • Time the photos with the audio
  • Use the “movement” function to give some of the photos some movement
  • Write some basic captions for some of the photos
  • Add a title and credits.
  • Once you are done, export the slideshow.
  • Take the exported folder, “publish_to_web” and rename it with your name.
  • ZIP or compress the folder and email the zip file to

Be sure to back up a copy on your flash drive.

Information about the story:

Weusi Johnson, 10, has a 5-3 boxing record plus two golden gloves championships. He trains every day after school with his boxing coach Lou Lum at the Hicks Anderson Community Center in West Center City in Wilmington.


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